Devenish Nutrition International provide customers with unmatched scientific and manufacturing expertise alongside world class customer service. Our focus is on helping overseas farming businesses improve the efficiency and sustainability of animal protein and helping customers add value to their business. This in turn ensures consumers in these markets are being fed with a high quality, enriched product offering maximum nutrient content.

The Devenish team consists of 28 PhD's, working in partnership with experts in nutrition, feed formulation, feed manufacture, veterinary medicine, quality, technical and logistics. New solutions to global challenges are developed in our own Performance Houses and internationally renowned centres of excellence.

Our innovative nutritional solutions include neo-natal feeds, vitamin and mineral premix, and other speciality products that improve the animal's performance and ultimately the business profitability.

Since its inception in 2012, Devenish Nutrition International has expanded rapidly, exporting to over 35 countries worldwide from production bases across the UK, US and Turkey. The company now has offices in the UK, US, UAE, Uganda, Mexico, Turkey and India, that are continually looking to expand into new markets directly with integrators, feed manufacturers and large scale farms.

For more information on Devenish Nutrition International and our product and service offering, please contact us.