Devenish Group

The Devenish group has expanded in recent years following a period of growth and expansion throughout the global Agri-Food market.

Devenish has acquired and partnered with a number of reputable businesses over the past few years to grow the capacity of Devenish and the technical expertise of our staff.

  • Omega Nutrition and Eu-Tec bought out in USA in 2004
  • Devenish International team set up to establish a presence and sales in international markets in 2012
  • Hi-Peak Feeds in April 2013
  • A-One Feed Supplements November 2014
  • Vitrition Organic Feeds - February 2015
  • Vem-Vit in July 2017

Together we can offer customers a highly competitive range of animal nutrition products tailored to individual requirements. Within the group we are able to work collaboratively to:

  • Combine our technical expertise to produce the highest quality products and formulations,
  • Combine our global distribution networks to provide solutions to everyone globally,
  • Combine our Research and Development
  • Source the highest quality ingredients for diet formulations.

For more information on each of the businesses within the Devenish Group please click on their name above to access each company website.